belif Baby

Volume: 150ml
Baby bo soothing cream
Product Description

Hypoallergenic moisturizing cream for expectant moms and baby that does not contain ingredients that may irritate the skin, but has the deep moisturizing power of natural moisturizing ingredients This cream is softly absorbed into baby skin and retains moisture for a long time. It is effective for calming itching and dryness by providing hydration shield. An excellent moisturizing ingredient, Oriza peptide, enables rich-moisturizing protection for dry and sensitive skin. This soothing cream formulated with Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural moisturizing ingredient that can helps to provide deep moisturizing effects to the skin. It also contain Trehalos, which is a natural disaccharide that prevents skin destruction by improve skin moisturizing effects, accelerating skin cell division as well as improve skin collagenases. It can contain Ceramide NP which can helps strengthens the moisturizing barrier by holding dead skin cells together. It also contain Olive-origin squalene, a natural lipid component with high skin affinity, which is good to use for baby and expectant moms to prevent stretch marks.

No Addition of

Mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, animal-origin ingredients, paraben, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, triclosan, triethanolamine

To Use

Apply a proper amount on the dry spot and softly massage into the skin whenever you feel dry after taking shower or washing your face.

Herbal Ingredients
Chickweed Herb