belif Whitening

The White Decoction – Ultimate Brightening Sheet Mask
Product Description

It is a facial sheet mask pack with mild whitening essence and 100% natural cotton sheet. This sheet mask made by non-bleached natural cotton sheet with tight adhesion that does not cause irritation. It is a dual pouch type mask sheet for maximized efficacy. It can provides moisture and soothing effects while brightening skin tone.

No Addition of

Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

To Use

Fold the mask twice along the dotted lines on the back, press essence until it pops and let it soak into the sheet. Rub the mask sheet well to ensure the essence is soaked evenly. Let the mask rest on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes. After removing the mask, gently tap for remaining essence to be absorbed.

Herbal Ingredients